Lifestyle Shopping Center grounds design and development concept

We build.

SAGA map

Our SĀGA will begin in Stopiņi, 2020.

Every family has their stories. Some of those will begin here. We’re building the Lifestyle Shopping Center Sāga for those who’d like to spend time with their family (and get something done).

The carefully selected combination of household and DIY stores, garden center, various restaurants with delicious fare and friendly prices, sports retailers, groceries and a bunch of other things will guarantee satisfaction for you, your kids and the shopping list.

The complex is located right next to IKEA, at the crossing of Juglas and Biķernieku.

We gather.

The best stores in one location.

We’ve pooled the best and freshest home and garden care brands for SĀGA, along with the customary general stores, sports equipment and an entire recreational complex with a food hall.

The gardening center Hortes is sprouting its first branch in Latvia at SĀGA. We’ll also host a huge Būvniecības ABC drive-in store, along with the well-known and trusted brands like Jysk and Rimi.

Want to join our team, become a renter or open a new store? Jevgenija Kiselova, the account manager of SĀGA at Colliers, will lend you a hand.

Jevgenija Kiselova
Sports goods

We train.


A healthy mind in a healthy body.

Sports goods

We put a special focus on sports, healthy life and ecology.

SĀGA is going to include a dedicated sports cluster from the most popular brands.

The pride of our mall is going to be an open-air zone by the waterside, where you can take moment to rest from shopping, feed the ducks and have a bite yourself.

We feed.

Our food hall will sate even a wolf.

Simple, ecological and tasty meals by small and large restaurants. No-one will walk away hungry.

SAGA Food hall

We care.

Opening a new daycare center on our grounds.

SAGA Creakids kindergarten

Children are our future, so a shopping center should have a daycare center, like in the best examples from Scandinavian countries. And we’re going to have it.

Our Creakids daycare center will start taking applications after the mall opens — contact us to apply with your kid or to learn more.

We amuse.

A huge entertainment complex is planned.

Nobody gets to be bored at SĀGA. There’s going to be entertainment for adults and kids: the recreational complex includes the interior zone surrounding the food hall and the outdoor greenery zone.

SAGA Entertainment center

We work.

Office space for rent.

SAGA Office center

A part of SĀGA will be made into office premises ranging in size from 200 to 2000 square meters.

Contact us if you’re interested in renting office premises on favorable terms.

We are open — before we open.

Ready for your ideas.

What is your vision of a contemporary, family- and eco-friendly Shopping Center? We’re open to your ideas and suggestions. Share your thoughts and we’ll see if we can make them a part of our project!


the people of SĀGA.

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